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Reflection on the year!

Wow, I can’t believe that there is only 1 more week of school left. I had an amazing time this year,  I learned lots of new things and made lots of new friends at MKP.S, had a great time even though I had to transfer classes, and we went on a great trip which was the EOEC trip.

My number 1 goal was a to make new friends. That was a succeed! My friends were the number 1 important highlight in this reflection. at any point in the year when i was feeling down i knew my friends would cheer me up. There were some rough times, but we got over it. My friends are the people who made me have a smile on my face every single year.

At first, I was in Ms. Bitterhoff ‘s class then our principal came in and said we will need blah blah blah and then my name then we came to an old E.S.L class. The principal said that this is going to be your new class. Then, I saw this man and he turned out to be Mr. Lee. He was our new teacher. At first, I was devastated that I was not in Ms. Bitterhoff ‘s class but then I started to get used to Mr. Lee’s class.

there were lots of different experiences. Those experiences were the famous EOEC trip, City Hall, getting to know about our middle school. the EOEC is the one i want to talk about. The EOEC trip was awesome, we got to learn about survival, and we played a very fun game. The one thing that really caught my eye was most of the people learned a lesson personally I learned that I could be independent I learned that I could do lots of things without someones help and that helped me through out the year a lot.

My teacher at MKP.S were the people who let me succeed in the life at MKP.S and i thank all the people who taught me new things and helped my brain grow even more. so through the year i learned lots of new things and made loges of new friends at MKP.S, had a great time even though I transferred classes, and we went on  a great EOEC trip. thanks to Mr. Lee, Mr. Morris, Ms. Fung, Ms. Ng, Ms. Tie. and finally Ms. Voldemer.


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Reading Response

Question: Imagine that the antagonist became the head of the world what would happen? Based on his or her dicision.

There are no antagonists in the story of Abby and Jonah but there is in the magic mirror story. the magic mirror leads to fairy tales this time it led to the fairy tale Repunzel. The antagonist is Faro Gothel. If she was the head of the world it would be very  bad beacause Faro Gothel is very selfish and she wants every thing that is good to her self. What makes her young is repunzels hair it is magic! She will ignore, annoy, distract and tease the people. She would tell everyone to do what she says and make every body have a bad time.

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Reading Responses

Question: What would happen if the main character became invisible? Explain.

Abby is the main character. She is the one who figured out there was a magic mirror in her basement. When ever Abby goes in the magic mirror with Jonah, they  always tend to ruin the story. If Abby became invisible it would be very hard for her to fix the story being invisible. I also think it would be really bad for Abby to turn invisible is because it would be really hard for Jonah to communicate, talk and follow a person who is invisible. If Abby stays invisible forever it would be really hard to make friends and explain how she became invisible. once they fix the fairy tale they have to go home, Abby did not tell her parents about the magic mirror so it would be very very hard for her to explain to her parents.

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Reading Responses

Question:What would happen if there were no protagonists in the story? What would happen to the story?

When ever Abby and Jonah go thru the magic mirror, they always tend to ruin the story. if there were no protagonists their routine would be completely ruined. The whole point of them going thru the magic mirror is for them to defeat the antagonists, if there were no protagonists there is no point for them to go thru the magic mirror. If Abby and Jonah did not go thru the magic mirror, the actual fairy tail would end the same as it always does , when Abby and Jonah are there , they make the main character ( From the fairy tale they are in) be a completely different person that they are more happy with. In conclusion the story will change very much if there were no protagonists in the story.

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My march break

I had lots of fun.the first 2 days of march break(friday, saturday) was pretty normal I did half of my homework then my family and I watched a movie together. Then on sunday things stared to get pretty intresting Anya came over for a sleepover we watched a movie and played cards together than we had lunch and my dad braught os to the movies. what happend was pretty crazy after our sleepover I endedup sleeping over at Anyas house for 2 days that means i had 3 sleepovers in a row!!! Then on thursday was pretty normal i did 2 pages of my math homework. On friday I saw Anya together again we went shopping for new close for Norous one of the most common things we do is wear new close for a new year since I did not have time we did it a little late but….. anyway at 6:45 was Norous Yay but then came saturday again and that day was a very special day for me I was Naneh Sarma and yes I was in a play called Naneh Sarma and Amu Norous the story on Naneh Sarma and Amu Norous is Naneh Sarma is the queeen of winter and Amu Norous is the king of spring and they love each other but every year when Naneh Sarma trys to see Amu Norous she falls a sleep. At first it was a disaster oh and yes did I mension they put a gray wig on me I looked ridiculous anyway it was time for me to go on stage but my micrephone was broken so they had to give me a new one and we wasted 5 minuts but the second part was pretty good I did a great job. After a few hours I went to my friend friends house we had lots of fun except the part when he kicked a mini soccer ball in my face but except that we had lots of fun. On saturday I whent to a birthday party and it was not that fun becasethere was only boys and 1 girl who was 4. That was all of my march break.

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Why should we have technology in the classroom?

Why should we have technology in the class? Well today I’m going to tell you 4 reasons why we should have technology in the class. The first reason is: students are usually distracted because usually students don’t like the subject , if we have technology in our class it would make  the subject more interesting and fun so the students will have more interest to the exercise or maybe  even  to the subject.The second reason is: with technology we can communicate with all around the world and we can be up to date about our world and the news and more! The third reason is: with the technology that we have right now we can do lots of things like: record information and get information and more. The forth reason is: if we get used to technology we can learn more and more and it can help us in the future. I hope you’ve ben convinced with the 4 reasons of why we should have technology in the class.

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Why is Matter important?

Why is matter important?you ask well here are some reasons why matter is important: We use matter in our daily life. We use solid we drink liquid and breath gas. If we didn’t have matter we will not live.If we don’t have solid like a house to keep us safe and worm we w’ll freeze to death if don’t have liquid our body will start to dehydrate and we will most likely die and the most important one if we don’t havegas will not BREATH!!!!.Matter is reallyimportant job in our life by helping us live.Even Coco uses matter he playes with slid he drinks liquid and breaths gas also there are 3 forms of matter number1:solid witch is the third hottest type of matter number 2:liquid witch is the second hottest type of matter and number 3:gas witch is the first and hottest type of matter.Now you now all about matter and why matter is important.

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Reading Responses

The book I am reading is What Ever After Dream on. So Abby and her friend Robbin are having a sleep over but Abby has a magic mirror in her basement. Then when they go to bed Robbin sleep walks and  goes in the magic mirror with Abby and her brother. But the magic mirror brings you to a fairy tail.They where in sleeping beauty but Robbin pricks her elbow and falls a sleep but when the real sleeping beauty comes and pricks her finger she does not fall a sleep. I predict when Robbin wakes up she will have amnesia and when they get there way the evil fairy gets jealous

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